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I just think it’s sad that insurance doesn’t recognize TMJ as a problem and won’t cover the cost of treatment. Dr. Bartlett was very patient and worked with me. Whatever I needed, she was willing to help me with. Dr. Bartlett went to school to learn about how to treat TMJ, no other dentist is willing to do that. Instead, they just refer you to a specialist. Dr. Bartlett will do everything for you that she can and will only refer you out if she feels it would be better for you. This treatment has helped me a lot.


- Malinda O.

I just feel wonderful. The headaches are gone. There are just no words to describe the way Dr. Bartlett has made me feel. It has completely changed my life.

- Brenda S.

It was a simple process and very effective. It surprised me that the simple process could make so much difference.

- Rebecca B.
Dr. Bartlett
Because my Dental Patients’ expectations are high, my standards are higher.
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