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Dr. Jennifer Bartlett is a General and Cosmetic Dentist providing all the comprehensive services of a general dentist, such as in conjunction with beautifying a smile. Dr. Bartlett and her team are highly educated and experienced to treat a large number of challenges in teh oral cavity that you may be wanting to address.

Dental issues in need of treatment

  • Tooth Abscess – Infection in the soft tissue pocket of a tooth whose nerve has died.

  • Halitosis – Commonly known as bad breath.

  • Periodontal Disease – Advanced Gum disease marked by spreading to the bone and surrounding tissue

  • Cavities and other types of Tooth Decay – Damage or actual holes created in the tooth structure.

  • Dry Mouth– May be caused by medication or other causes. Saliva levels are below normal.

  • Fluorosis – Excessive fluoride levels attack the protective enamel of the teeth, and cause white streaking. Common in young patients.

  • Gingivitis – Gum Disease marked by bleeding, sensitivity and inflammation of the gums, due to the effects of plaque and tartar buildup. If left untreated, more serious problems can occur.

  • Jaw Problems – such as TMJ, are maladies associated with the temporomandibular joint, and the chewing muscles. A very painful condition.

  • Oral Cancer – Routine examinations can help with early detection

  • Plaque – Bacteria which excretes acids and promotes tooth decay and other problems.

  • Tooth Sensitivity – Caused from erosion of gum tissue and weakened tooth enamel.

  • Toothache – Usually marked by a cavity or abscess, but that can have other serious underlying causes.

  • Bruxism – Also known as teeth grinding. May be treated with a protective mouth appliance, to prevent the further erosion and breaking down of teeth.

Advanced Dental Technology

Dr. Jennifer Bartlett uses the most advanced dental technology and state-of-the-art equipment to serve you and your family. Every year, Dr. Jennifer Bartlett continues her education with additional training on the latest in dentistry so our community can continue to have the best care available. 

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Dr. Bartlett
Because my Dental Patients’ expectations are high, my standards are higher.
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